Prices vary depending on the job. Ebook covers start at $350 and print/ebook covers at $550. Please contact me to discuss specifics.

Price includes design fee, licensing of stock photos if I obtain them (up to $50), and all graphic reproduction rights. I do not handle negotiations with artists, but am happy to design with their artwork once you have legally obtained the rights to use it.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I design covers using stock photos and typography, not original paintings or illustrations. (I can doodle but believe me, you don’t want me trying to draw your fire-breathing dragon.)

I do not design the interior pages of a book or websites, but can refer you to people who do.

Once we’ve decided on art to use, it only takes one or two weeks to finalize the cover.

If you want a print cover, you need to know the vendor with whom you’ll be working, the trim size of the final book, the page count, and the copy for the back cover. All of this is necessary so I can download the correct template from the vendor’s website and get to work.

You can easily make an ebook cover from a print cover, but you can’t make a print cover from an ebook cover. The ebook cover does not have enough resolution for the print process. The print cover will need to be redesigned with higher resolution artwork.